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Wot the book is the brainchild of Leanne and Kate. Passionate about reading for development and lifelong learning, they created wot the book to fulfill their dreams of helping people develop through reading, hanging out with authors and creating a community of supportive, like minded people!

Leanne Hamley

Leanne Hamley is an experienced leader and business coach specialising in behavioural change, leadership development and organisational culture. Having worked across multiple sectors, industries and countries, she understands what makes people and organisations thrive. She is the founder of Culture Creator, a business designed to help organisations create authentic cultures that put the wellbeing of their people at the heart of the business and where values have real meaning and purpose. Leanne who is a total book geek also recently co-founded ‘Wot the Book!’ — a podcast series and full membership subscription for personal and leadership development.

Proud owner of two boys, a business that delves into the deeper purpose of organisational culture, and a deep curiosity in all things relating to people. In a world dominated with information, we want to spend our time curating the content that allows our community to spend their time focusing on learning and making the small changes that enable the development they are keen to get. Couple this will the ability to party, it’s makes a good concoction!

Kate Bowers

Kate’s career in learning and development spans over 2 decades and has fulfilled business management and senior roles responsible for; business strategy, finance, client experience, HR and People Management.
It is her passion for people and their personal and professional development that drives her. In 2017, she embarked on a degree in psychology, enabling her to further progress her understanding of the human mind and the science behind personal and professional growth.
In February 2020 Kate completed a management buy out of Pti Worldwide, a training and development organisation focused on Leadership and Management development, and assumed the role of People and Performance Director. Later that year, fuelled by her passion for books, she co-founded ‘Wot the Book!’ – a podcast series and full membership subscription for personal and leadership development.
Mum, Fiancee, Entrepreneur, Student, Business Owner, Wine Enthusiast! just some of my titles that I'm proud of! I have loved books my entire life, in fact, people who know me well could describe me as a self development junkie! Books keep me sane, drive my growth and keep me connected and that's what I want for our community at Wot the Book!

‘Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting’