Wot the Book FAQ’s


Wot if I’ve already read the books in the membership?

First of all, you are our kind of person! However, the books are chosen for their differing perspectives and curated based on specific skills and knowledge, therefore even if you have read some/all of them, we guarantee you will still see the benefits of reading them as part of your pathway!

Wot if I miss the live sessions?

Do not fear, there will be opportunities for you to submit questions prior to each session and each session will be recorded and added to your pathway’s secure group for you to watch at a later date.

Wot if I prefer audio books?

We hear you! 🙂  The books are provided in physical form as an aid for deeper embedding of the learning. Once you receive your welcome pack and guides all will make sense as throughout the pathway, we will be dipping in and out of chapters and pages to gain maximum impact, meaning you will need the physical book for highlighting, scribbling and notetaking.

How do I change my address mid way through my membership?

Easy peasy, drop us an email quoting your membership number, your previous address and your new address and we will do it for you! Happy house move…

How do I cancel my renewal?

We will never auto renew your membership without your permission. As your pathway comes to a close, we will be in touch for your feedback and hopefully to sign you up with bells on for your next adventure!

Can I cancel my subscription once my first book has been posted?

We are almost 100% positive that you wouldn’t want to! But on the very rare chance we will offer a full money back guarantee if cancellation takes place before the books are issued.

I missed the development session with an author can I attend another?

All development sessions will be recorded and dropped into your Pathway’s secure group for you to watch at your leisure.

Where do I find the link to the development / Q&A sessions?

We will email you all your important dates and links once you sign up and our lovely team will ensure reminder emails are sent out in advance, including all of your important links making it as easy as possible for you to attend.

I find it hard to annotate?

We’ve got you! In your welcome pack there is a guide to annotate successfully – give it a whirl. Just remember when you read a book you will take something away from it that is key to you at that moment in time. You could read the same book again at a different time and something else will captivate you. It’s the magic of books.

Do I need to read the full books?

As part of your welcome pack, you will receive a guided learning template to help you work out what is best for you. Cover to cover, dip in and out, a mixture of both, anything goes, however as always, the more you put in, the more you will get out!


Do you offer student discount?

We do discount for group memberships (see corporate options), so rally the troops, talk to your college / university and sign up as a group. If you need to pay separately, talk to us and we can help make that happen.

What payment methods do you accept?

Apple pay, and all major credit and debit cards. For multiple memberships, drop us an email and we will accept a bank transfer.


Do you ship Worldwide?

We are developing this side as we speak, if you have an immediate need, contact us and we can sort it out.

My books haven’t arrived what do I do now?

Do not fear, all our packages are sent using Royal mail track and trace. Drop us an email with your membership number and we will hunt your books down for you.


My team want to do this as a closed group? Is that possible?

Absolutely, although the Author sessions will still be delivered to the wider WtB! community. Just drop us an email and we can get this arranged for you.

I want to hire in one of the authors to present in our business, what do I do?

We don’t blame you, contact us by email and we can make this happen!

Do you offer further development? Coaching/ group coaching, leadership development?

As you can see we are connected to some great people and Leanne and Kate ‘the founders’ have established backgrounds in coaching & leadership development – so whatever your need, contact us and we can discuss.

I want to give this as a gift to my team / my business, can I personalise the welcome pack?

How kind! Yes, we would love to get creative with you, drop us an email and we can help make this happen!

We love the concept, can we run this inhouse?

We can upskill an internal facilitator to run your book club and provide you with guided templates, you will also still have access to the author sessions.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Who do I contact if I have a question that isn’t answered on this site?

Our email is manned between the hours of 9am and 6pm so we will respond as soon as we just finish this chapter…