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Leader X

Lucy Werner

In this book, Lucy Barkas, a leadership and team development expert with over 20 years’ experience in developing talent and high-performing teams, will show you how to step up and become a LeaderX.

Cara Holland

Cara Holland is one of the leading graphic recorders / graphic facilitators in the UK today running a small studio that works with some of the biggest brands in the world. Her passion for effective, creative and visual communication was honed in the workplace, where for many years she managed diverse teams, set up projects and delivered results by working visually. So she knows the tangible benefits this way of working brings, even in challenging environments.

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Greg Orme

The world is spinning so fast it’s difficult to keep up. Two hundred and fifty years ago the
Industrial Revolution replaced our arms and legs at work. The fourth Industrial
Revolution is now replacing our brains. This technological shift is engulfing organisations
and people. It’s challenging the very essence of what it means to be human.
Daily news headlines pose existential questions that used to belong in the pages of
science fiction: Will a machine take my job? Are we becoming cyborgs? What happens
when supercomputers become self-aware? If we can’t compete with artificial intelligence,
what’s left?

Innovation guru Greg Orme provides a helpful, funny and supportive shove in the right
direction. He explores the skills you need to survive and thrive in a world of artificial
intelligence. He urges you to stop competing, and instead do things machines can’t. To
become a more human, human.

This is a practical toolkit to master three intrinsically human ‘super powers’:

1. To ignite your innate CURIOSITY in a world of accelerating change…
2. To rediscover your CREATIVITY to produce an avalanche of game-changing ideas…
3. To develop CONNECTIVITY to kindle the passion, persistence and insights to successfully engage fellow humans to turn human creativity into business innovation.

These career-enhancing capabilities have been identi±ed in Orme’s work with business
managers and organisations across the globe. They draw upon the latest psychological
and neuroscience research, the unique philosophies of successful entrepreneurs, the
practises of the world’s most innovative companies, as well as the habits of great artists,
designers and scientists.

Learn how to surf, rather than sink, in the waves of the Fourth Industrial
Revolution. Become an authentic future-±t human, in a world of arti±cial

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Tim Castle

Tim's mission, to encourage others to go after their own really big goals, to inspire change, whether that be ditching destructive habits or realigning your lifestyle and getting most out of your fullest potential.

Developed the 4Cs Framework as a tool of overcoming big challenges and making it happen. In conjunction I founded the Be The Lion community which was officially started in 2019 with the goal of bringing people together to share in their journeys and to show support for more purpose centred living.

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Samantha Clarke

Say goodbye to the dread of Monday morning. In Love It Or Leave It, expert 'work happiness' coach Samantha Clarke will help you figure out ways to find that work-life balance and be happier and more fulfilled at work.

If you are struggling to find motivation, or questioning changes to your job, this inspiring guide is full of vital tips and tools that will help you:

LOVE IT - find ways to get more out of the job you have, improve your working relationships and boost your sense of wellbeing and worth.


LEAVE IT - work out the skills you have to offer and identify the steps you need to take, whether that's looking for a new job, starting a portfolio career or testing a new business idea.

Love It Or Leave It is for anyone:

*Stuck in a job they hate
*Wanting a flexible working routine
*Trying to gain some work-life balance
*Thinking about a career change
*Who has landed their dream job but is struggling with toxic colleagues
*Who wants to find a more fulfilling role that brings them joy

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Dominic Colenso

When you speak do others listen?

Does your message land?

Do people act upon your words?

In business and in life, great communication is the key to getting exceptional results. If you want to be more persuasive, have more gravitas, and build better relationships this book will show you how.

Starting his career as an actor, author Dominic Colenso starred alongside some of the UK’s most famous performers. He now works with businesses around the world, helping individuals and teams take centre stage and deliver outstanding performances. In IMPACT, he reveals the six ingredients for communicating effectively in any situation.

This book will give you simple tools and techniques to:

• Banish your nerves and grow your confidence

• Increase your authority and physical presence

• Flex your style to suit any audience

• Plan what to say without the need for a script

• Speak to people’s hearts as well as their minds

Whether you’re just starting out, managing a small team, or leading a large organisation this book will ensure that you always make the right impact.

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Nikki Gatenby

Do you want to make life better for yourself and the people you work with? Are you held back by the thought that putting people first could harm your bottom line?

SUPERENGAGED is an honest, in-depth and upbeat look at the value of having values and the power of creating a people-focused workplace culture, packed with tips and guidance for increasing your profits and improving your outcomes. It’s for CEOs and COOs, HR directors and finance directors, entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who’s on their way up.

Whatever your company’s size, shape or sector, SUPERENGAGED will help people in leadership roles feel more confident about what employee engagement means and how to improve it. It’s full of practical advice from the MD of Propellernet, one of the UK’s most engaged workplaces, that will turn your people into your biggest ambassadors, whilst learning from their successes and swerving their epic fails. So, if you’d like to know how to engage your people and live out your values whilst driving a healthy profit, then yes, this is the book for you.

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Lucy Barkas

The 2020s is the decade of LeaderX. As Baby Boomers start to retire, they make way for a new type of leader. A leader who puts people, teams and culture at the heart of their organisation. A values-driven leader who believes in empowering and engaging others to deliver their best work by focusing on the vision and then working together to achieve it.
As GenerationX and the older Millenials step up to key leadership roles for the first time, the opportunity for long-lasting impactful change is huge, but, to be honest, so are the challenges.
In this book, Lucy Barkas, a leadership and team development expert with over 20 years’ experience in developing talent and high-performing teams, will show you how to step up and become a LeaderX. Following her 5 Mys methodology, you will learn how to become LeaderX and create highly engaged, cohesive and empowering organisations that deliver results.

This book will:
• show you why you are different and how to utilise your unique qualities as LeaderX and achieve results
• give you the courage and confidence to create new ways of working and create a high performing culture
• give you practical exercises, tips and a roadmap to lead differently with impact
By the end of the book, you’ll be ready to take bold action, create followership and reach your potential as LeaderX

Lucy Barkas is a leadership and team development consultant who has been working with the next generation of leaders through her company 3WH. She found her secret to success was building high-performing teams and empowering others to achieve.

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John Burness

There is no safety net. Many start-ups fail within the first five years. One in three small businesses will cease to exist in the next ten years. In the last fifty years over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. Simply surviving is difficult. It’s not surprising that most entrepreneurs live under the constant pressure of long hours, stress and risk.

Yet we all know business people for whom the opposite is the case. They don’t work all the time. Their companies have sustainable worth and a long-term future. They understand how to thrive. How do they work less and make more while building such value? How do they survive against the odds? This book will show you.

If you own or are involved in the management of a company of any size or about to embark on your own start up adventure read Against the Odds and learn to:

• Change the way you think to improve your business outcomes forever
• Ensure that your company will survive and prosper through the early years
• Work less and stress less while making more money
• Build long-term value that can be sustained or released when you want
• Become a successful entrepreneur and make it look easy

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Selina Flavius

We don't like getting real about money, do we? We think maths, we think spreadsheets, we think boring. But Selina Flavius, founder of Black Girl Finance, wants to show that there can be another, better way. A way to start making our hard-earned money work even harder for us.

Selina Flavius created Black Girl Finance to address the unique difficulties Black women face due to the gender and ethnicity pay gaps. Since we literally can't afford to wait for change, we need to start changing things up for ourselves. From challenging money mindsets to teaching key skills, such as how to set up an emergency fund and where to start with budgeting, investing and saving, Black Girl Finance provides a safe space for a community of unapologetic, ambitious, money-minded women to get real about their finances.

Kick-start your financial journey with Black Girl Finance - the first financial guide of its kind. Packed with tips, tricks and tools, as well as statistics, personal stories, goal-setting exercises and straight-talking advice, this will be your go-to helping hand when it comes to making your financial goals a reality.

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