Wot on Earth

Wellbeing is core to development

To read and absorb new information requires 100% attention.

Books don’t distract you. They invite you in with a sole purpose of holding your attention and sparking your imagination, which is exactly what our books do.

Switch your phone off and your brain on to make room for discussion, debate and of course, development.

Together we unite

Diversity is in everything, without it, we are nothing; we crave the diverse, we drive wider thinking and we welcome the value that diversity brings. You will see this in our authors, our books and our partners.

Giving back

We strongly believe learning should be passed on, it's part of our ethos at Wot the Book! which is why we partner with various charities to ensure as many people benefit from what we do as possible. When they reach the end of their pathway, our readers can choose to gift their collection back to us and we'll pass them on. In return, we'll provide a discount on the next subscription. All in the name of love.

‘What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind’