Wot's it all about

It’s all about you

We curate content that will activate different thinking to challenge perspective and to enable development through the habitual practice of read, discuss, act, repeat. Our belief is a book will provide you with the information, our community will challenge your perspective and you will take the steps needed to make incremental differences to better your life and career.

Wot are the pathways?

If we only read what we choose to read, are we ONLY reading what we already know?

Wot’s it about?

You are the greatest project you will ever work on, this isn’t a project that should be rushed. Take your time and dig deep. This pathway gives you access to a selection of curated books that allow you to access all areas of your life. Getting to know your self makes for the perfect relationship.

Wot we explore?

Mindset, Personal Presence, Decision Making, Avoiding burnout, Self belief, Success modelling

For £250, sign-up to our 12 month subscription plan to access a library of support and books tailored for your development journey.


Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind, it forces you to stretch your own' - Charles Scribner Jnr

Wot’s it about?

Instil here, the behaviour of reading as the ‘go to’ form for development and watch
them fly. A curated, holistic pathway that tackles the challenges you face when at the early stages of your career.

Wot we explore?

Leadership, Mindset, Decision Making, Wellbeing, Resilience, Personal Ambition

A place where we convert readership into leadership

Wot’s it about?

A leader isn’t voted in, nor do they always select their team, so why are some leaders naturally better than others? This pathway highlights the ‘moment’. The moment leaders take the leap and don’t turn back. Coupled with the ‘Leap’, this curated pathway provides the learner with an exploration into all angles of leadership and what’s required to be seen as effective to all.

Wot we explore?

Cultural Impact , Decision Making, Future Thinking, Followship, Innovation, Diversity

For £250, sign-up to our 12 month subscription plan to access a library of support and books tailored for your development journey.


Diversity of thought in an ever changing world

Wot’s it about?

This is a pathway that packs a punch. The authors that have been selected know what makes successful organisations thrive. Diversely curated to challenge the boards thinking.

Wot we explore?

Governance, Wellbeing Landscape, Super Engagement, Resilience, Innovation, The Leadership Edge


Self Assessment

Get to know yourself. You'll learn more about your strengths and identify the areas you want to develop. You'll get a personalised report, bursting with book recommendations and support, setting you up for your pathway.

Welcome Pack

To welcome you on board, you'll be given all the tools you need to make sure you get the most out of your pathway. This includes your learning log, annual planner, research aids and some WTB goodies!

6 Books Curated

You'll receive 6 curated books for your pathway that will be explored across the year.

Author Development Sessions

That's right. You'll get the floor with our industry leading authors and leaders who'll all host a development session so you can delve deeper into the topics you're interested in.


You're not on your pathway alone, you'll have access to the Wot the Book! community where we'll host Q&A session following each book to get the discussion flowing.



The purpose of each pathway is to put you at the heart of it. It's been shaped for you, by you and led by the best thought leaders of the moment.

Benefits of Reading

Reading is simply brain gymnastics, it improves cognitive ability and reduces stress levels, it helps build empathy and it's a sleep inducer!


We encourage you to put the tech down, switch off from the screen and immerse yourself in a bit of wot's good for you!


Development doesn't need to be expensive. We've created this club to give you direct access to some of the best thought leaders in their fields in an affordable, time efficient way.


Impact happens when you connect the dots, our community allows us to explore the topics, challenge perspective and to inspire real action.



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